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Shamballa Jewels fights to stop Trademark infringement

17 January 2012 7 Comments

Shamballa Jewels has sued online retailers  Bling Jewelry, Ejeweler.com, overstockjeweler.com and its CEO Elena Castenada for falsely designating their goods as celebrity inspired Shamballa Jewels. You might have noticed Shamballa Jewels bracelets , Jay Z wore it at Watch the Throne tour, it is worn by style heavyweights like Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino Garavani, Boris Becker and even Ozzy Osbourne. In the accessory fashion law complaint, shown below, defendants are accused of falsely using the Shamballa mark on counterfeit goods which has caused unfair competition.

There are an onslaught of new jewelry designers coming out everyday, and with the economy the way it is I see more buyers investing in quality accessories because of their versatility and value. So, what happens when a online retailer comes out selling jewelry that looks just like yours? Well it may be easier to plead your case if the defendants markets the item with your name. Since Shamballa did a great job at branding their work by labeling their bracelets with their signature “Shamballa Jewels” look, the defendants had no choice but to designate their infringing goods with the Shamballa brand name.

I chose this lawsuit because of the attention Shamballa Jewels has taken to its distribution and marketing . For example, here on the east coast, it is only available through Barneys (NYC) , London Jewelers (NYC) and VAULT (MIAMI). In addition it is marketed tastefully via international magazines and celebrity endorsements. I am happy to see this company prosper and hope that the infringing websites stop harming Shamballa’s image. Visit their website here shamballajewels.com


Shamballa Jewels v Bling Jewelry Complaint Infringement Lawsuit

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  • Fashion Blawger said:

    It is about time…. Shamballa Jewels seemed to have been copied a lot and I bet people were using their trademark name as the name for the style of the bracelet. Hmm… smells like Shamballa is protecting against genericide here too. 🙂

  • Jennifer Thompson said:

    Well im rockin the real shamalla jewels bracelet. Only the real ones will cost u over 2,000 dollars. If u pay under that. It’s fake not real. Mines cost over 8,000 n it’s costum made as well blk diamond 18k gold n Tahiti pearl. So mines is real. If u want the real shamalla u gona have to pay over 2,000 for one. Believe me it is weath it. Im so in love with mines! Thanks shamalla jewels! ; )

  • Tupac Shakur said:

    Its hard to believe you own a “shamballa” bracelet base on your poor spelling skills. Theres a thing called spell check its been around for a while now, you should use it since you can afford a $2000 bracelet the least you can do while bragging online about your “$2000” bracelet is to learn how to spell. Im just saying.

  • Esha said:

    @ Tupac Shakur I 2nd that.

  • E said:

    Touche Tupac, good point.

    Isn’t this company using the philosophy of Eastern teachings of humility and such and exploiting it through marketing a product at a huge cost? If they’re really on a tip to promote the ideology, why are they charging $2,000 for a beaded bracelet. For that price, I’d rather buy a plan ticket and travel to Asia myself and experience the land of which this ideology arises and come back with beads from there, just saying.

  • Snow said:

    what a load of crap, these bracelets were made by the tons in the 70’s hippie era, it’s all simple macrame, and costs $5….or less.lol…people are falling for this marketing crap……and stars think it’s something new, lmao !!!

  • Pat said:

    They can sue all they want, but you can go on Youtube and learn to make your own. As well, there are plenty of enterprising craftspeople out there, like me, who make their own or at the very least, find a bracelet without the ridiculous price of the one mentioned.

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