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Forever 21 cancer killing American Fashion

7 July 2010 16 Comments

Forever 21 is a sickness for American Women. It is a shame how millions of them are blinded by its look-a-like clothing scheme and succumb to its poor quality.  Don’t Forever 21 customers realize they are being scammed? Instead of the endless amount of cheap wannabe knockoffs in your closet you could save your money and purchase a quality garment from a real quality fashion house.

Talk about lawsuits. A friend of mine interned for H&M’s in house counsel and she told me that Forever 21 is bombarded with design infringement cases. For example they have had drawn out legal battles with Express. They have copied Gwen Stefani, they have willfully copied the patterns and fabric colors from  Diane Von Fursenberg and Anna Sui…. and this my friends is just the beginning. The quality of their clothes is horrendous!

Don’t let the poorly stitched sequins fool you any longer.  I see it all the time, consumers go into forever 21 and see an item that is only 14.99!! all of sudden a surge of imagination hits them and they feel like they will be the most classy and sexy girl in the room… everyone will give them a second look because their sense of individuality and style. SNAP OUT OF IT!!!! its not true… you’ll look like everyone else who does not have lining in their jackets, fuzzing on their stretch pants and most importantly unshapely low cut shirts that neither provide curvature nor taste to your bosoms…

I see Forever 21 as a glamorized street corner counterfeit seller. You know the ones you see in Chinatown or Times Square. The only difference is that Forever 21 accepts returns and is covered with cheap vinyl white tiles!  It is a company prone to design infringement and is the reason why the Design Piracy Act should be passed by congress.

For those in denial I am sure you can see how the polyester blend in F21 clothing is really 95 percent polyester and 5 percent poor quality cotton. You can see the polyester fuzzing on your back of your shirt around your butt area.
After you wash the great light blues, yellows, greens, reds and oranges begin to fade. (color dyes end up on your lighter toned clothing articles) It is very sad how countless number of women try try and try to act like the clothes they purchase F21 are garments that will impress others. when in all actuality they don’t. I wish American Women would realize that multiple layers of elastic does not hide that the fact that the f21 garment has no inherent structure.

Bottom line, purchasing clothes from Forever 21 is encouraging the company continue its piracy. Don’t encourage stealing and save yourself for poor quality clothing… Stop shopping at F21.

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  • Elyse said:

    Oh please. Not all of us can afford designer garments and it’s foolish to expect great quality from something costing 15 dollars anyway. You get what you pay for. And I highly doubt forever 21 shoppers care in the least about fashion infringements. Stop with the snobbery.

  • Fame Appeal: Fashion & Entertainment Blog (author) said:

    okay, Elyse I understand your point, but i dont think my article was snobbish… i think its just informing people where they stand in the wide range of fashion

  • Elyse Davis said:

    I think most people who would shop at forever 21 know where they’re shopping and what quality of product they’re going to get from shopping there. They don’t go in expecting fabulous quality. I personally have no qualms about shopping at F21 because i’m getting what I would consider a good deal. I understand that quality matters more to some people than price, but i’m not one of those people. So I understand your point also, I just think you’re taking it too seriously. I think F21 just wants to give the general majority of the public, those women who don’t buy designer because they can’t afford it but like the styles, the option to dress stylishly without spending a lot of money. And they’re very good at what they do. I don’t blame them for trying to keep their business afloat right now and taking advantage of the public’s wanting to buy cheap.

  • Fame Appeal: Fashion & Entertainment Blog (author) said:

    good point Elyse… e-mail the moderator at contact@fameappeal.com to receive a free media kit…

    great input, getting a good deals helps out in the short term, but what about the long term?

  • Liss said:

    I see where Elyse is coming from… but really it just points out that the real problem with why stores like F21 succeed is that American women as a whole don’t really get ‘style’ and really do not understand quality. It’s the same as food you’re not supposed to buy tons at cheap prices, you’re supposed to buy less higher quality food/ingredients at a higher price. It may seem they’re “saving money” or “getting a deal” but really they will loose just about the same amount by the time they are finished. Most quality garments (designer or not) will last you a lifetime staples that you will have forever, but garments and especially shoes you will buy from places like forever21, H&M, Zara, Payless, Target, etc. will more than likely fall apart or look like they’re about to within a year of purchase.

    There are actual studies about this.

    It’s a sad but very real fact, people just do not think in long term in this country and quality of not only clothing, but food, shoes and appliances is complete crap.

    Trust me I understand price, I come from a below low middle class family and growing up was a struggle financially, but one thing I always understood was quality over quantity (thanks mom!) and now well into my twenties I still have pieces from highschool that I will love and wear hopefully forever. Plus… if they actaully understood quality at a low price, they’d all be shopping at thrift, vintage, goodwill and eBay… but they don’t (some actually think this is beneath them).

    well that’s my two cents

  • Piper said:

    I actually agree with this article. I’d like to add that when you are purchasing cheaply made garments with little quality control, you’re also supporting poor labor conditions for the factory workers who are making your trendy little duds. That includes child labor. If you can’t afford expensive clothes or just don’t want to spend your money on outrageously priced garments, at least consider buying vintage!

  • Mandie said:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions; like you haves yours, I have my own. Not everyone has a high paying job and can afford a 300$ designer dress from SoHo, I think atleast 57% of women would much rather buy a 15$ LOOK ALIKE dress from F21. On the other hand, if you’re like me and live in South Texas, there aren’t really much choices of “Designer” stores to buy from, we don’t even have an H&M anywhere, the closest one is probably in New Mexico. All I’m trying to point out is, we know what we’re paying for. The “Vintage” buying is also quite expensive, it’s rare to find mint condition vintage clothing at a reasonable price.

  • Jen said:

    There really is nothing good at F21. Sometimes I am enticed in there with the bright lighting and the busy look about the place, but the clothes are paper thin and poorly sewn. I don’t have a lot of extra money to waste, so buying something that falls apart after one wear seems silly and is certainly not “a deal”.

  • Nancy said:

    I think this article isn’t very well written and its offensive towards women. Sure, you can make the case against Forever 21 but trying to psychoanalyze the minds of the Forever 21 customer isn’t really your prerogative.

  • amber said:

    I can get with this article is trying to point out. I worked at forever 21 so I know what goes on. Its not really about buying $300 designer clothes, but not supporting a corrupted company. Sears, JC Pennys and Macys had better quality clothes then these cheap boutiques (F21, Wet Seal, DEB). I’m sure you know what you paying for, but don’t cheat yourself out. YOU DESERVE BETTER QUALITY! No woman (or man) should have to wear cheaply made clothes if they can help it. You can find clothes just as good (and cheaper) at a thrift shop.
    I’m sure other companies bend rules but this company is just outrageous. The clothes are poorly made, wash them once and they shrink, have sharp nails and there’s a pretty little whole in it. They also use cheap child labor. Once I found out I stopped buying clothes from there. Sometimes when we get shipment in, there’s MOLD, BUGS, MILDEW on the garments or they are already damaged. Depending on how bad said garment is damaged, we still have to sell it. Ive sold dresses that has mold, stains, rips, tares, dirt, anything you can think of on them. And you’ll only get %10 off the garment if you still want it (which here only takes the tax off). And you cant return it. SOOO GREAT!
    A lot of money that is raised for certain causes/organizations doesn’t all go to that organization. I called once to see how much and they said and ‘undisclosed amount’. I asked someone else and they told me %5 of sales, which isn’t much considering the money they make off these people.
    The company is very money hungry and doesn’t care that they get sued and steal designs because they will make that money back in a day.
    Sure, call me a angry ex employee but I have never in my 25 years of life worked for a company as bad as forever 21.

  • Lucy said:

    Hi, I just came across this article,after doing some extensive research, and having worked at f21 for almost 2 years, I would have to agree with you.
    But this isn’t the only matter with their clothing and the industry as a whole.
    Today< I found out that the chemicals used in making of the f21 clothing may cause cancer. I know some people have heard about this a while ago and have waved it off thinking that this couldn't possibly be true, yet unfortunately, I was told that there was a sign at the registers warning the customers of what they were purchasing along with the store policy. One of the region managers was asked about it and she forced the employees to take the signs down and later replaced them with just the store policy.
    F21 hiding the truth for their benefit? Of course.

  • sarah said:

    Well obviously everything in this Article isn’t true. It’s all based opinions. Some people would actually spend 328743939 dollars on a simple dress but obviously we ALL cannot do that. So forever 21 is basically the next best thing for us “Average shoppers”.. Forever 21 may have it’s ups and downs but in the end it’s all about looking decent and feeling good about yourself. Now, if anyone really cared about quality at forever 21.. Forever 21 wouldn’t even exist. But obviously not many people take the time to research fabrics and what not.. So :/

  • Isabella said:

    I am over Forever 21. It is Tween central. Now that I am an adult, I can spot quality from yards away. Will I be buying a $17 dollar cardigan for work at Forever 21? Never. I know see the true value of designer quality items. They fit me better, they are tailored, and the quality is amazing. I am still low on cash at times which is why I shop discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory ect. For a few more dollars, I get the REAL designer items and they last decades. Again, the fit is just incomparable. I rather pay the discounted $30.00 for a Calvin Klein dress that is quality and makes my body look like a bombshell than a $24.00 ill fitted cotton drape from Forever 21 that makes me look like a ghetto guidette that is 4 months pregnant. If you cannot afford designer, shop smart. Discount stores and clearance sections at department stores are amazing.

  • mad at haters of forever 21 said:

    Hi im reading all ur messages and ur all wrong . I know forever 21 isnt the best quality but for a person with alot of money but lets face it , forever 21 aint a rich store its a place for people that want to be fashionable but with money left. Personally I hate tjmax. And marshals specially burlignton. Face it those stores are messed up clothes here clothes there theres no organization. So people dont judge people where they buy. Its there own problem . if u have a facebook plz like my page http://www.facebook.com/girlsonlyfab btw in 12 so people dont judge we all know what we want to buy

  • Anna said:

    I have some jackets and shirts from forever 21 under $50 that look amazing quality my friends always ask where it’s from. I disagree about everything there being terrible quality. You just gotta be pretty good at choosing the good stuff 🙂

  • Eddie said:

    Fashion is about looking good for the best price nowadays in this economic climate. 21 targets girls 13-28 MAX. Do you think they give a f*** about quality? In this day in age, it’s looks over comfort.

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